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Our Expertise
All travel consultants at Travellers Emergency Hotline have an average of five (5) years of industry experience.

Immediately upon joining Travellers Emergency Hotline, each consultant goes through a comprehensive and ongoing training regime. This program includes the requisite training on the various GDS systems (Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo/Apollo) and also includes training with efforts to continuously improve our customer service skills within this fast-paced evolving industry. In addition, each of our travel consultants receives training to streamline and meet the specific needs and requirements of the subscribing travel agency.

Calls are monitored randomly on a daily basis to ensure that your clients receive the service that you expect them to receive, and to ensure that our training programs meet the needs of the subscribing travel agency and, of course, the traveller.

Our Services
Travellers Emergency Hotline offers a comprehensive range of services to satisfy the needs of your agency and your clients, following travel industry rules and regulations. Our goal is to deliver superior customer service! We constantly review our services with the view to upgrade them whenever the need arises.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)
Virtual Agent
B to C Monitoring
Mystery Shopper
Q Monitoring

V.I.P White Glove Service
TEH has implemented a new service for the discerning traveller. Our WHITE GLOVE - VIP service offers a dedicated line with dedicated agents serving the needs of those special travellers.

Nothing is too much for our WHITE GLOVE Travellers. Our White Glove service is focused on satisfying any last minute or spur of the moment requests. From limo arrangements to hotel/ diner reservations to chartering a private yacht or your own secluded island. Name your travel need and we are prepared to fulfill it.

Change Reservations
Change reservations, make new reservations for travel, refer calls back to the shareholder agency as agreed during their regular business hours, provide flight schedules, quote fares (excluding tours, consolidated fares, round the world fares etc), issue PTA's, use electronic ticketing capabilities when requested by the agency and/or traveler and queue all accessed PNR's to the subscribing office before the next business day.

Change convention/meeting bookings if required (any new conventions will be referred back to subscribing agency).

Ticket Exchange
Issue any new tickets/exchanges that require action prior to 1200hrs agency time the next business day. All other tickets/exchanges will be queued to the agency for action.

We provide E-ticketing services only. E- tickets voided only after confirmation from subscribing agency.

Monthly Reports
Provide monthly reports to the customer detailing the total number of calls, and number of calls referred, including the total cost of service being charged with the breakdown of additional charges for issuing tickets/exchanges/web tickets etc.

Provide monthly usage reports by location to each agency subscribing to the service. These reports will reflect the Pseudo City Code, time of call, traveller name, ticketing activity and reason for call.

Expert Knowledge Of GDS Systems
Provide service for agencies using Sabre, Galileo or Amadeus reservations systems as well as Internet booking accounts. Assist in setting up GDS links (bridging) with agencies.

Collect Calls
Travellers Emergency Hotline accepts collect calls from countries outside of our toll-free service area.

Your Own Toll-Free Number
Refer callers to the agency's toll-free number during regular business hours. We also allow subscribing agencies to forward their telephone lines to ours, if required.

Project Manager
Provide a Project Manager during the Implementation phase of the new service to ensure a smooth transition to our service. We'll supply a user start-up kit for agencies and sign-up forms with instructions for new agency subscribers.

Billing Options
Apply rates consistently to all agencies and provide flexible billing options.

Service Level Agreement
We're fully compliant with IATA and other industry regulations and standards. At TEH we meet agreed upon service level requirements, and provide backup reports to our client agency on a monthly basis supporting call information.

TEH completely and fully understands the proprietary and confidential nature of this enterprise and the need to keep all of our clients' information fully confidential. Any agreement we enter into with a client agency includes a clause committing to the highest level of confidentiality. TEH will use all reasonable measures available to keep all client business information confidential. All consultants of TEH have agreed to and signed a non-disclosure agreement whereby they commit to not divulge or distribute any of the client agency's proprietary or confidential business information.

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